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Who Am I?

I am a full stack software engineer, a polyglot programmer and an experienced generalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I have a passion for developing scalable, high performance web applications that run in the cloud.

Most recently, I helped design, build, and scale out a Realtime Bidding Platform capable of transacting at over 25,000 transactions per second with sub-milisecond processing latencies.

I work with startups and Enterprise clients alike to tackle many types of challenges during application design, development, deployment, orchestration, automation, and scale-out.

What Can I Do For You?

I can help you model and architect your application for better scalabilty and maintainability.

I can help you make judicious client-side & server-side architecture decisions.

I can help you automate brittle back-end processes and tasks to realize better operating efficiencies.

I can help you establish best practices that work with your Development & Operational team's DNA.

I can help you produce prototypes so you can quickly gain feedback from your customers.

I can help mentor and provide guidance for your development and technical management team.

What's My Preferred Tech Stack?

Whether it's a programming language, a framework, a library, a database or a caching layer, I prefer to use the best tool available for a given set of constraints.

The choice of a technology stack is important because it has far reaching implications on teams, processes, and overall cost of ownership long after a project is finished.

I have curated a toolchain that allows me to provide tremendous productivity and value to my clients:


Fedora and Ubuntu


AWS / OpenStack


Ruby, Go, Javascript, Java, Python, C/C++


MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Riak


EmberJS, Rails

Messaging / Queuing

Redis, ZeroMQ, Kafka AWS Kinesis


Rspec, Jasmine, PhantomJS


Chef, SaltStack, Docker, Zookeeper


R, Druid, Hadoop, Storm

Why Work With Me?

Details are important to me and I take the time to understand you and your business.

I obsess over great user experiences and performant systems.

I have broad industry knowledge and am quick to learn and adapt.

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